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    San Antonio Riders

    Hi everyone...just moved to San Antonio with the Army and looking for places to ride and people to ride with. Anyone have any tips on places to ride? I did find links to BAPWA and I considering going on one of their group rides in September. It looks like lots of fun, but would like to find some things closer. I currently have a 2012 Sea Doo 155 GTI Limited, but am really interested in learning to ride a stand-up or something similar. The 3 seater is fun for the family, but gets old quickly when you are by yourself.

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    Canyon lake is excellent as well as lake dunlop. I'd love to ride but don't have a ski yet. I'm doing my research and planning my purchase. I've got two kids I'll be riding with so I'm planning on getting the 2015 Yamaha FX HO

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    Super choice & welcome to the Hulk. Let us know when & what ski you get

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    never been to dunlop but i go to canyon lake like every week. it can get pretty rough out there, but plenty of space to roam and nice clear waters.

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