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    Question New to pwc world please help

    Ok so i got a couple of polaris ski's in a trade(i got better end cause the trailer alone is worth more than what i traded). One is a 650 triple and the other is a 750. Both have oil and water mix in bottom of shell. The 750 has water gas oil in the carbs alot. Pulled plugs and all have fluid on them last one has major rust. Have no back ground on skis excpt hear say. Know from look been setting a long time. Shop wants 1400 to do a complet inspect and fix btw thats starting price. Wanna do this myself.
    Where do i start on the 750? And where can i download a manual?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miglater View Post

    Great info. Would u recommend removal of engine and checking everything and cleaning hull fully. Due to unknown back ground.

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    Ok update engine on 750 has been removed. What a pain in the butt, but not as bad i thought it was gna be. Gonna be tearing into it on friday and see what all needs to be done. Got gasket set in today. You guys are awsome with the info sites.
    Still trying to find a manual to download.

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    Check your reeds and see if they are shut and not chipped or broken. I hope you didn' t cut the stator wires! Just unplug them from the ebox.

    How did you like that moving back n forth with the big blue pipe to get to the exhaust manifold bolts? Lol fun fun.

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    It's an older 2 smoke I'd suggest going thru everything on it before any rides... unless you like working on a ski at the lake while everybody else is riding...

    Welcome aboard the Hulk..

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    Ok to start with no everything was dinconnected and removed properly. Dismantled carbs put new kit in. Carb 2 was bad needle corroded and broken. Removed manifold and here is my question. Is there supposed to be water in bottom of block?? Its nasty but everything looks ok. Taking it to local shop tommorrow to have inspect done. Its free for them to just look at with out having to dismantle.

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    Na the case should not have anything in it. Some how or another the engine was flooded with water. Most likely the ski took on water assuming the carbs were not left open to the elements and the seat off of the ski. It is also possible some on hooked the hose up and turned it on without first having the engine running.

    Good idea taking it to a shop. If u found rust in the top good chance the bearings are rusted also. Would be a grenade with a short fuse if the is the case.

    Tie the ski to the trailer and take it to the ramp to see if you have any leaks now is the time to address them while the engine is out. (Make sure you plug any water lines first). Look for water coming in around the shaft or around any cables/hoses.

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