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    2006 Seadoo Add Supercharger??

    Is it possible to add a supercharger to a 2006 SeaDoo GTX STD. It has 155 hp. Is there a way to bump it up meaning can I add a supercharger to it? Or is the limited use a different engine? If its possible can someone put a link on how to do it?

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    I would find a good used engine here on the forums. You'll need electronics too. By the time you sell your engine and electronics it shouldn't cost you to much.

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    Think you would be better off selling the ski and buying what you want.
    I would suggest a 215 or higher.

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    the biggest problem is the pistons
    yours are higher compression and made of weaker aluminum
    so just changing the electronics will not be safe with out using a afr gage and some type of fuel controller = $$
    the easy fix is just get a boosted ski...

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