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    Anyone knows how to remove rubber fuel cap/clamp on the top of fuel tank of '11 FZR?

    Hi All,

    I need to drain 2 year old gas from my 2011 Yamaha FZR ski that has been sitting for 2 years.
    I bought a siphon pump and tried draining it by putting the pump hoses through the regular fuel filler cap on the top of the of the front hood of the ski.
    However, the hoses did not reach to where the fuel is for some reason.

    I am going to try to remove the gas through the rubber cap that is on top of the fuel tank. I already removed the clamp with the screwdriver, but did not have luck on taking off the rubber cap. I tried pulling it with hand and also tried unscrewing it but its very tight and did not come off. Any tips on how to remove this rubber cap?

    Thank you,


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    use a small block of wood and a large flat blade screwdriver and pry (leverge) the rubber cap off, there is a lip on the tank that makes the cap hard to pull off. Tommy Jordan

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    I used some glass cleaner to get it to come up a little easier but yes its a pain to get off.

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    I drain my fuel every winter. it's easier to remove the cover in the front storage compartment and remove the fuel filler hose from the gas tank side.Tilt front of trailer down. I zip tie the siphon hose to a hanger so I can direct it to the bottom of tank.

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    ^^^^ Definitely. ^^^^^

    Go at it from the front. Lots more room, less reach and no obstructions for your pump siphon tube.

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    Thanks Guys!! greatly appreciate your help. Will give it a shot tomorrow.

    - Dan

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