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    how to block off stock fuel regulator?

    hi, does anyone know how to block off the stock fpr in the gas tank besides with the riva fpr kit? i will be connecting the fpr after the rail so i need a rail that can be tapped because i have a newer 260 rail that apparently cant be tapped. will any pre08 fuel rail work in my newer 260 engine? psi set to 60 static for now because i havent tapped the manifold for an o2 sensor and i have a vtech flash. thanks for any help you can provide
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    What setup is on the fuel tank?

    03-07, or 08+ ????

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    If its a pre 08 ski there is a great diy that is stickied in the how-to section.

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    Oh yes I read that diy sticky and looked over the riva fpr instructions

    It's going on a 13 rxtx 260
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    anyone know how to bypass the stock fpr?

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    Read this thread post #51 and on to the end:

    Shows Walbro pump install on 2010+ FP. Follow Riva's instructions to remove stock regulator, simply pull it out, and re-route lines. You will see that Riva did NOT supply enough fuel line for the RRFPR return to the tank for a TX.

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    ah ic thanks JT

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