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    "New" 1996 Seadoo SPX

    Hi all,

    I just picked up my first pwc. Took it out for a couple hours and its a blast. It seems to have not been ridden much by the previous owners. The only thing is the gel-coat is worn through the green paint in the very front center of the underside from beachings. Doesn't seem like a huge issue.

    As I have no experience with these things, I have a few questions. Where should I start for maintenance? The intake grate, impeller, and everything under there looks pretty good and the guy said the wear ring was just replaced. I understand the impeller or something there has a place to put a lubricant? I looked around and couldn't see where it would go.

    Also, whats the best 2-stroke oil for these; should I just get the Sea-doo XPS oil?

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    Check For gray Fuel Lines with the name TEMPO . ifthey are on the ski, get them off before you ride it again, and to me safe,...clean the carbs if the gray lines are on it. Change the jet pump oil in the stinger cone. I bought one of these new in 96 for my wife, loved the color and graphics and ran good.

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    And how about what 2-stroke oil to use?

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    Okkkkkkk...... New question...
    Any idea what these went to? The plugs just sit near the fuel tanks. The wire comes to the back and is connected to the VTS box.
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    If it running as it should and everything working as it should - don't fiddle with anything like those plugs

    Simply do the whole maintenance thing with fuel lines etc as suggested

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    Quote Originally Posted by puncher View Post
    And how about what 2-stroke oil to use?
    i think any api-tc rated oil should be fine, seadoo oil is good, there is quicksilver pwc available at select walmart's and it's $28 per gallon

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    I use tcw3 oil in my craft for years already and never had a issue with it. I either use penzoil marine or kendall tcw3. I run premix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aruba yamaha View Post
    I use tcw3 oil in my craft for years already and never had a issue with it. I either use penzoil marine or kendall tcw3. I run premix.
    it is NOT recomended to use tcw3 oil on seadoo's, it should be api-tc and do not mix oils.

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    Those would be plugs for the trim gauge and switch. I'm guessing the trim module shorted so it was all unhooked. Very common on older 'Doos. You should use an API-TC rated if that's a 787. But...if you have the 717 engine then the regular TCW3 will work fine. I have always run the el-cheapo Wal-Mart branded stuff in all my machines (non powervalve and pre-mix) at 40:1 with never an issue. If you are keeping the stock oil injection stuff then I would use something better like the Quicksilver, or if it's a 787 Quicksilver PWC.

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    I also recently got this ski. Did everything needed to get it ready for the water. Finally got to take it out and loved it. Got it to about 48mph on GPS. But I want to increase the acceleration. I keep reading Worx intake grate is the way to go. Anyone have or know of a used one that someone is getting rid of?

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