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    Sea Doo Accessories

    I was wondering if there were any good places to get Sea Doo accessories at a discount?

    I'm not talking parts, but more like speed ties, life vests, and the stuff you see in the catalogs. It seems like all the dealers are charging catalog prices.

    Thanks for the help! I should be getting a GTR 215 this week!

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    My dealer has all water sport related things 20% off since the season around here is getting close to the end. Picked up my seadoo freewave vests, cover, tie down, and sweet polyester long sleeve zip up all at 20% off. And they give me 10% off anything for a yr since I bought from them. If your dealer isnt so giving theres always ebay which is where I got my sand bag anchor.

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    If it doesn't have to say "Sea-Doo" on it, check out your local marine supply store.

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    Try here for OEM Seadoo parts;
    Also, try member Tiny.
    I've purchased some OEM Seadoo stuff from Parker Yamaha, and they had the best prices on the net. Just watch out for the shipping......
    Also, I believe this site has an OEM section in the GH store-check their too. But, the bad news is, there really aren't a whole lot of "good deals" on OEM SeaDoo stuff......

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    I have also bought from Parker Yamaha. They are a bit pricey compared to but seem to have a few items that jmcamper does not. Both companies more than met my expectations.

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