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    Towing with GP1300R proper setup ?

    Bought a GPR a couple of months back, the first ski I've owned that didn't come stock with a tow hook.
    I don't plan on tubing anytime soon, although I do have a couple of tubes, but its always possible that i'll have to tow a seadoo back to the dock, so I figured I need to be prepared. I generally ride with small groups of 2-4 so just having another ski towing in somebody just might not be an option.

    Anyways, the GPR hull, It just has the two holes in the Stern. (sorry I took the pic b4 installing the rear mat) I did have to tow my daughters xp in a couple weeks ago but it was only like 500 yds at idle, so I just looped my rope through both holes, and had no issues.

    I ordered two of these plastic atlantis quick tie down's (but they're plastic, hopefully a strong plastic, but they don't look like much, and make me a tad uncomfortable just looking at them) My tie down straps have metal clips, but a brief search only turned up plastic.

    and of course i've explored (from another thread here) the idea of just installing an XLT tow hook like this.

    but its pretty thin in the rear back there as well. (can I add support ?) So i maybe thought it was best to stick with the factory's idea of where I should tow from (if I should even tow at all)

    So I was considering a setup like this... clipped onto the atlantis tie down's assuming these things won't just snap...

    It seems like a self centering system would keep the stress even on my stern clips.

    Am I on the right track here ? Over thinking it ?

    Should I avoid towing anything ? (avoiding towing at all cost's isn't always an option if your out with two ski's 15 miles from the ramp)

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    Hello, I had similar issue I found a "tow strap" that has an open loop @ one end & a standard ski tow-rope fitting @ the other its about 24" long and loops perfectly over the back seat handle and I towed tubs & pulled wake boarders with no problem and best of, because it was made of nylon it left no marks or did no damage to the handle. I got it @ Wal-Mart in boat section was around $15.00 best find ever.

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    I added a tow hook under the grab bar, drilled 2 holes with a backing plate, fiberglass, and epoxied it. Came out great. Really held up strong

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