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    2008 Ultra 250X No Power At All

    This has happened and been discussed many times before on this forum site, but all solutions are reconnect or inspect wiring. There are no solutions or results to this dilemma.
    CB here in Tampa. Had power issue with 2008 Ultra 250X. Luckily it happened on the trailer. One minute keys worked and display came up, the next minute power at all to display. Tonight I will disconnect and reconnect all wiring - DONE. Called dealer. They said, "Oooo, you'll have to bring it in." NOT!! I'll tinker with it first before I pay $65/hr for them to fiddle with the wires - DONE. Are there any other potential solutions or troubleshooting for this other than play with the wires?!?! Seems crazy, but neither the owner's manual or service manual cover this scenario.


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    BTW, battery is fully charged and ski ran great a couple weeks ago.

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    did you check the fuses? do you get the chirp when you press the key in the immobilizer? if you are getting the chirp see if it will start. your post only states you dont have power at the display. that could just mean the display went bad and everything is working fine. for it to just stop working like that, more than likely it is a fuse or a bad relay somewhere causing it to not power up the rest of the system.

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    Fuse is good. I originally got the chirp, then a minute after removing and reinserting key...nothing, no chirp. Does the relay start up everything? I've been trying to figure this one out. I have not put a meter for resistance on the relay. If the relay is bad, would it react with no power to anything? If so, I probably just need a relay.

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    I'm generally not a motor rock, but not having a KDS makes repair and maintenance difficult.

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    have you tried pushing the pin in and out in the immobilizer

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    Sure, tried that. Well, it's in for service now anyway. I'll post the regrettable trip to the dealer results.

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    BTW, I did price out the KDS unit. Seems an entire test kit costs between $1-2000. Not exactly economical to buy one and charge folks to use it for a nominal $20 instead of paying the dealer $100 for diagnostics.

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    Here's the scoop for anyone that experiences this. When I checked battery voltage it was 12.76V. Dealer said battery was surging to above 13V and had bad cell. So, a new battery it is. We'll see if this really solves the issue. If it does, I could have saved a few bucks knowing this. Battery at 12.5+V and no charge at all when I put it on the charger. No power to anything. Test battery or replace it.

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    If you do need end up needing a display I have one for 200 shipped

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