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    Another 1996 Sea Doo XP bogging thread. Air filter question?

    Gotta make this quick because i'm off to work and going to continue working on my bog issue afterwards. My Sea Doo out on the lake will start right up and go top speed of 55 mph but in a matter of seconds will go down to 50, then 45, then around 40. Lay off the throttle and hammer back down on it and will only go up to around 40. If I shut it down for 30- 60 seconds it fires right back up and goes top speed of 55 mph again then does the gradual decrease of speed down to 40 mpg again. Does this sound like anything like anyone had before?

    So I searched on this site and they say to replace old fuel lines and I just purchased 20 feet of the 1/4'' fuel lines and stainless clamps. Gotta clean the selector valve. Wanna get to the filters on the carbs but don't know where to buy new ones?

    But I am stuck. I took off the plastic housing for the air filter by removing those 6 bolts by the metal screen. Now the screen is stuck in there by a rubber gasket or something. Do I need to take this off and will I have to buy another rubber gasket? Looks like its really in there must be glued on the inside. Well that's where I am at gotta get down to the carbs and maybe take them out and clean, giving me more room to work on the fuel lines also.

    Also what is that red gunk between parts that I am seeing when I am getting in there? Just wanna make sure I have all the supplies I need so when we are working we don't have to leave and go get something so we can keep working.

    Oh editing because should I be removing all the gas out of the tank to do the lines? Or clamp off a hose coming right out of the tank until we get to that?

    Thanks for any help. Sorry it's all jumbled in here off to work. Thanks!

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    look here for a breakdown and quantity of fasteners.http://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche....-INTAKE-SYSTEM
    You should get a shop manual. The carbs have to be removed to do "just the fuel lines" so you aught a doo it right.

    You would have better luck asking a moderator to move this to the SD 2-stroke section.

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    your carbs are clogged with ethanol/tempo fuel line goo.

    plenty of threads on that issue

    you need to:

    change all fuel lines/fuel selector valve(might be cleanable, but SBT sells aftermarket really cheap) and rebuild carb, paying attention to get all residue out of it ( DO NOT SOAK THE CARB in cleaner) Plenty of compressed air and some care and you'll be as good as new.

    Your fuel supply is badly restricted, keep running like that and you will lose the engine

    the flame arrestor is hard to get out sometimes, spray some wd around the edges and work a putty knife in there to pry it out.

    plenty of carb rebuild kits on the market. some say only go oem, I have never had a problem going with aftermarket.

    read up on the carb rebuilding stuff..there are a few pitfalls you can stumble into.

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