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    951 carb jetting

    OK, base line jetting ideas?

    951 carb engine
    stock pipe
    bored 2mm
    ported cylinder
    no accelerator pump
    prok filters
    at sea level in sunny florida

    I have some 165 H and 100? i think L
    new needles and seats

    Its not all together jet so I have not run it yet.

    Any recomendations on jetting H and L and also H and L screw settings?

    I have read closed on the H screw.

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    So, I'm just putting it together with what I have.

    165 h with screw all the way in
    100 L out 1.5 turns
    Any issues with that?

    But my question is about pop off. I do not have the tool to check it. I do not want to spend the time building it. But I have a 2.0 needle and a shiny and a dull silver spring. But per the chart if I use the dull one I'll be at 25 psi and shiny will be at 18 psi. Both out of the 19 to 23psi range. I guess its better to use the shiny one then huh? What do you guys think?

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    100 low speeds seem a little fat as it will load up quicker when idling,
    I personally use 95s open 1.5 turns with no pumps
    165 highs might need opening on the adjuster 1/4- 1/2 turn if its been ported as it will want more fuel especially with proks
    You could go 167.5s and open them up 1/4 and tune to suit
    With a white pipe I use stock 2.0 N/S with black springs (80 grams) gives me 22 psi pop off.
    I would use the 65gram spring (shiny) if that's your only 2 choices (springs are cheap enough though)

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    Looks light I should get black springs and possibly 95 lows. I was reading if you have a higher pop off and a higher low jet that kind of works. I have the dull springs in now.

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    So I went and got the 95 L jets and the black spring. I installed it all. They did not have the 167.5 H. I'm going to leave the screw closed and see how it runs. Also look at the plugs and see if I need to open the screws up a little then.

    I feel alot better with the correct pop off now. Thanks alot surf and turf, I'll let you know how it runs.

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    The ski rips with this jetting! Still need to check my plugs and tune the carbs.

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    No problems, once set up the stock carbs are very reliable and dont need touching.

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    I should not play with the low speed adjusters? I was thinking while running in the water turning them in or out until I got the highest (or best) idle. Then adjusting my idle screw to match. They are at 1.5 out now.

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    Yes by all means tune them but once set they dont need changing is all I was referring to

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