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    electrical problem!?!? Need some advice

    Hi folks I am new to this forum and need some advice or help in any way. I have a 2000 Sea Doo LRV with a carbed 951 motor. I can ride the ski at a nice cruising speed with no problems but if I give it full throttle out of the hole or while underway the ski shuts off as the DESS key has been pulled. When this happens I can hit the start/STOL button and the ski will immediately start back up. I did also notice that the clock in the info display will reset back to 12:00 and all other stored info is reset also. Ski only has 104 hours and runs like a champ. Thanks for any help and advice.

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    Sounds to me like the regulator is shorting out at higher rpm. You might want to start replacing the electrical components one at a time.

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    Check your main ground and power wires..
    Maybe when you give her the juice the torque is pulling on a connection??
    Are you battery cables tight and clean (not corroded)..

    Easy stuff 1st.
    If you go replacing electronics 1 by 1 your looking at some $$$$

    If It's not a connection then try to find another ski with the same parts and swap till you find the issue.
    It's also the most cost effective..
    No wasted cash...
    We blow too much feeding these pigs as it is..

    That's my .02
    Rip on..

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