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    96 XP: will only start on one cylinder - help!

    Last week's issue:

    put key on post, no beep, no lights on dash, nothing. When I jumped the starter solenoid, the motor would try to turn over, but couldn't get there. I checked all the fuses and replaced the starter solenoid. Somehow, after replacing the fuses in the rear electrical box and trying a different battery, the ski miraculously started turning over as it should - I just accounted this towards a shot battery.

    Today's issue:
    The ski would turn over but wouldn't start. I pulled the plugs to check for spark - they were wet with fuel. While testing the spark, just by eyeing it, the front cylinder appeared to have equal spark for the first 1-2 seconds of cranking the motor, and then slightly weaker (could've been the lighting) and somewhat intermittent, in comparison to the rear spark plug (this could've also been the plug not make great contact with the head).

    Next, I trimmed back the weak spark plug wire and replaced the plug cab. I then poured premix down the hole of each cylinder, replaced plugs, and tried starting again - same result.

    Finally I had a little success after removing the front spark plug and starting the ski off the rear cylinder only - started right up!

    I've been reading forums for hours, here's some of what I came across:
    - check mag house - timing may be off.
    - try a brand new batter / check for any resistance or poor connections - seadoos will fail to generate solid spark w/o optimum voltage / charge. Maybe this is why it was able to start when i removed the front spark plug - less compression?
    - and of course fuel - which I've ruled out as the culprit.

    Any advice? Thanks in advance.


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    Im not going to say this is your problem but check compression on the motor

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    150 in both holes.

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    try fresh battery first.
    -with new spark plugs.

    check voltage at battery (over 3k rpm.)

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    Do you have spark on both plugs? When I had an issue similar I found the ground from the rear electrical box had a rusty connection on the ground that runs to the negative on the battery.

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    Steach - should I check the voltage on batt at 3k running on one cylinder?

    And yes, it appears I have a spark on both cylinders. I just cant get it to start with both plugs in.

    I will check the ground wire as well.

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