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    Carb Question

    Hi I am new to this forum, seems like a lot of Sea-doo knowledge here.

    I have a rebuilt SBT 951 engine just finished the break-in without issues. Now after going through about 25 gallons i have surging/ high speed cut outs. Not wanting to trash another engine i am pulling it out of the water to look at /clean the carbs assuming its a fuel delivery problem. I still have some grey fuel line on the carb. but I see no sludge build up of any kind in the grey lines.
    On the PTO carb there is a small curved grey fuel line about 3" long and about 3/16 internal dia. On removing it I find in the line has a tiny brass orifice right inside the line with a 2mm hole. The parts catalogue says there is a jet here but all I see is a barb for the line and this tiny brass thing. I have to replace the line now cause it is damaged in the removing. What is this tube/jet thing all about?


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    Not sure about the tiny line but it sounds like you have fuel delivery issues. Check RAVE valve operation first just in case. Replace all grey fuel supply lines, make sure to clean out carb nipples and internal filters. Also remove and clean out fuel switch and fuel filter.

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