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    Help with odd engine sound

    I had this in a longer thread but it kinda got off track as it pertained to two different skis with carbs not acting right or so I thought.

    While removing the carbs to once again clean I decided to turn the output shaft over, heard a strange noise so I took the plugs out to try again and it's pretty consistant.

    Elmatta suggested pulling the heads and seeing if the rod was blown and rubbing against the walls. Any suggestions or other ideals?

    Video so the sound may click with some people.

    Id appreciate any honest help as I'm trying to sell it/them but I'd rather sale a working ski or atleast tell new owner what I believe it may be if they ever sale.

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    No ones ever heard this before or has no ideal? the clink clink is perfectly normal?

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    Not sure that sounds good. Try rotating the engine so that a piston is slighly on the down stroke. Insert a blunt object down the spark hole and see if the piston moves without it moving the crank. If it moves then there is slop/slack either in the crank or wrist pins/bearings which need more attention - Remove the head to find out more.

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    whooa! dude im scared for ya bud... i hate to say it but i think its best to tear it down and find out

    or you can ride it till it gives out, up to you.

    let us know if you find out.

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    I'd suggest a bore camera.

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