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    2001 Polaris Virage 700 conversion

    Basically I was sold a piece of crap. The motor is blown. Parts in Australia for this model are hard to come by let alone a rebuilt motor. So my question is. Can another make of motor be used?
    i understand things like wiring looms and so on would need to be changed but is there anyone out there that has done a conversion or heard of it being done?

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    I believe i read on here some where that you can.Putting in a etech motor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by japhunter View Post
    I believe i read on here some where that you can.Putting in a etech motor.

    I'm open to all options atm other than punching a hole in the hull and watching it sink

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    If you can connect with some other Oz members from the Polaris forum, you might be able to source the parts you need for a rebuild. Start with a Private Message to Urugol.

    Regarding fitting other engines, it all depends on how much fabrication and effort you are interested or willing to do. At the upper end of the scale, a Seadoo 4-Tec motor would make that Virage hull really fly!

    There is an engine conversion forum on here, and there are a few using Polaris hulls, mostly MSX models.

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    Thanks for the information. I'll look into your suggestions...cheers

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