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    one spark pulg wire not firing

    I have a 2000 virage 1200 that sunk last year. I took the complete black box out of another of the same modle. I put the box in the one that sunk and she runs great. I replaced the lr 505 in the bad box and installed in the same modle that did Not sink. she will start and run rough for a while and then not start at all. the center plug is Not getting any spark. I assume that the Stator is fine because she ran fine when i took out the good electrical box. I just bought a new gel-cel batt. still no spark on center cycl. This is the box that was in the sunk ski that would not work at all before i replaced the lr 505. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Physically inspect the ignition coil pack. And ohm test it. Also the plug wires, inspect the wire ends, etc.

    Also confirm the coil pack and CDI grounds actually are well grounded. Should be zero ohms to the engine block.

    Look for a broken or damaged wire, especially for the center coil primary or secondary.

    Then inspect and perhaps ohm test the stator, in particular do the Hall Effect sensor test.

    If you have not done so yet, you can bypass the LR module for testing purposes.

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    Thanks for the advice. I will work thru the issue this weekend. The stator was working fine and the ski was running fine before I swapped out he electrical box. My suspicion is the Coil or a lose wire. .
    Thanks again for the response.

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    Please tell us what you did if fixed thank you!

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    going to replace the coil and wires as soon as i discover the trick to removing the old wires so i can get the coil out of the box

    Thanks again

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