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    2006 RXP P0562 Battery volt low + fuel gauge shows empty tank


    Out riding my 06 rxp I got a fault code P0562, Battery volt too low. Tried to charge the battery but nothing happened. Then I started researching and found out that rectifier and fuses use to be the problem. The fuses seems good to me and I tried with my buddy´s rectifier but still the same code after startup. Also noticed that the fuel gauge now shows empty tank while its full.

    Anyone got a good tip ? thanks !

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    If you have a buddy with the same ski swap the main computer.
    See if you still get the code. You will need to use his key with his computer.

    How old is the battery?
    If its more than 2 years old I'd suggest replacing it.
    Maybe try his battery before buying another.
    I've seen main computers throw codes when there is nothing wrong. Just means the computer is starting to dump out.

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    His ski is 05, with the old gauge system. I have the newer one so that will not go well I guess.

    I will have the battery checked out tomorrow.


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