I took my skis in for the 10 hour maintenance (yes I pre-purchased all maintenance for these) and had a couple issues to be fixed while they were there. Based on this forum (thank you BTW) I learned my GTX iS was having an issue with the iS part. It would not move manually and I certainly never saw or heard it moving automatically. I told them something was wrong and it sure was, they replaced the switch, motor, and control module (under warranty). The other ski just had a minor seat release button broken issue, simple to fix.

Did I receive super fast service? Not really to me, it took 2 weeks mostly waiting for parts. I cannot fault them for that. However, they did get the job done and stayed late for me on a Saturday to come pick them up. I could not get there any earlier than 6:30, they close at 6. I pulled up and there was the service manager and one of the sales guys we worked with, all smiles and skis ready to go outside in parking lot.

Now, I have been to my share of service shops in the past, for cars, motorcycles etc. I stopped using them for my bikes because I could do a better job and quicker while knowing exactly what was done. I am new to Doos so I planned to give them a try, really not expected too much. However, when they stay late on a Saturday (their Friday) for a customer that calls and tells them he can't possibly be there before they close and they do it with a smile, I got to be impressed. Most depts. would say - see you Tuesday. I highly recommend them if you need service or repair. And they happen to be certified for Yammies too - if'n you lean that way. Anyway, they are a great family owned dealership. I hope it stays that way, I have a long term relationship planned.

I hope to learn as much as I can for wrenching my own, but I am very glad I have good warranty and prepaid service out of the way with a good service dept.