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    gpr 1200

    Greetings fellow watercrafters... im a 52 yr old ex-motocross racer with extensive mechanical experience in both 2 st and 4st racing bikes. Recently new to me is a 01' gp1200r with just had some fuel issues that ive seemed to workout...was running excellent yesterday..then today i started it and was idleing out of the cove when i heard 2-3 disturbing clanks from the engine..and it lost substantial power. I pulled the plugs and found the #3 spark plug had been struck by something and closed the gap. I took a compresion check and all 3 cyl check out with e xcelent comp.Ive regapped the plug reinstalled and it seem to run ok but has alot less power.So is it possible that she ate a reed in #3cyl... i have no experience with these machines and any help is grestly appreciated. Thank you.

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    make sure you have the right spark plug in there that happened to a friend of mine

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    Yes..spark plugs are correct..thank you

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    Any other takers ?.... broken reed valve or power valve?...

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    Pull the head of. Its the only way to find out for sure what happened. The reeds are plastic they will not damage anything if they break. Most likely it was a broken valve.

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    check the power valves make sure the small screw that holds it is there. if not you have to remove the head to see if you got any damage, i would also inspect the reeds at this point. let us know the outcome. good luck

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    Thank you..i will tak it apart when i get home...sounds like a broken pv

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