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    2008 Ultra 250 Pump Upgrade Question

    Hey guy's I thought I'd reach out for some opinions. I bought a 2008 250 with 17 hours on it. The ski was perfect inside and out. I took it to the lake a couple of times and it was amazing, fast, handled incredibly (beat my buddies SHO).
    I've read all of the post on here about upgrading the pump shaft and bearings and the horror stories of not doing it. I took it to my local dealer who installed a new shaft and bearings along with a R&D ride plate. I took it to the lake and it's doing what I see a lot of the other guys have discussed on here, gets up to 40 and that's it, boggs down gets to about 6000 rpm and 5lbs of boost, that's it. I have changed the plugs, checked the sc belt which seems tight (I don't have the tool) ran it with the seat off to see if there was an exhaust leak. Is there anything the dealer could have done wrong on the pump upgrade that would cause this?

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    a clean ski for a change have you checked air horn trumpet and all boost hose clamps, if no belt tool you shouldnt be able to twist the bottom section of the belt anymore than roughly a quarter of a twist.

    cant really see anything the dealer could have done wrong.

    it does sound boost related though but as in the past could many things

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    The horn is on solid but I haven't checked all of the hoses. Looks like I'm walking out to the ski...

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    Hoses are on solid belt has about a quarter twist or less. The spark plugs in the pics, do they look bad enough to replace?

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    Put new plugs in it I know I know but just try. Also your sc belt looks kinda shiny does it maybe have lube on it ?

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