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    Could battery affect compression numbers?

    Just tested compression on both boats during winterization.

    Boat 1: 130, 130, 135

    Boat 2: 126, 126, 123

    Boat 1 has a newer battery, and had no trouble cranking. Boat 2 has an older battery, and sometimes would refuse to turn over after 5 or six cranks (which is about what it took to get the pressure gauge to peak in drown mode).

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    I believe it will.
    Best way to check is to swap the good battery into the other ski.

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    I figured it might... and was gonna swap the batteries, but was too lazy and tired to do all the unscrewing at the time. Guess that's on the menu for tomorrow.

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    Your numbers aren't that different, I wouldn't worry anout it unless you have nothing but time on your hands...The biggest thing that effects compression is a bad/cheap gauge

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    Battery charge would certainly affect your compression numbers, but as Tiny said, I wouldn't worry. They are fine.

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    It's a decent gauge (OTC 5606). I might swap batteries just to satisfy my curiosity, but based on communal advice, I won't worry.

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    Yes they do. But as everyone stated you have nothing to worry about.

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