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    Fuel pressure question

    How much fuel pressure does the pump put out? Working on a 2008 RXT X that I think has a problem with the RRFPR. Ski runs flat on the top end & kinda sputters. Had a similar problem a previous ski and turned out the RRFPR was screwed. Don't have another to test right now so was thinking of just bypassing it just for a quick rip. Don't wanna take the whole sending unit apart to put it back to stock. Has anyone tried this before?

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    you can not run with out a regulator!
    as soon as you turn it on it will pump until it can not pump any more
    you could explode the fuel system or burn up the pump
    but most likely it will just melt a fuse
    stock pump should do 100+ psi
    it will only pump a few seconds until it sees crank movement then it runs non stop

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