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    Help needed!!! Seadoo RXT-X aS 260 with full stage 2 setup just not performing!!!!

    Hi there guys,

    I have a 2012 Seadoo RXT-X aS 260 with the full stage 2 setup as listed on the performace package page of the Riva Website including the Athena ECU.

    I was out on the ski today for the first time in calm water and with the ski at flat out I was only getting a maximum RPM of 7850 and a top speed of 68/69 MPH

    The web page lists that the RPM should be 8300 and a top speed of 73MPH so as you can see I am falling well short of the mark and the ski is basically the same speed as a stock ski.

    I have spent a considerable amount of money getting the ski to a stage 2 setup and I am just not getting the results.

    Can someone on here point me in the right direction as what to do to achieve the claimed speeds and RPM stated by Riva.

    The temperature today was 26 degrees and the sea temperature was 82F.

    Any help would be most appreciated ...


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    check oil level, if its full it will reduce rpm and mph. level should be around half way....

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    Imagine that..........

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    Air temp was 26 degs and water temp was 82? Wtf

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    The ski said 82 fahrenheit in the display but to help you that works out to 27 degs

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    I have heard that the Riva projections of what speed will be achieved are not always what you get.
    Also were those #'s that Riva projected for a A S ski??
    You have a lot more weight than the regular 260 skis. That's also going to slow you down.
    And as described above your oil level should be 1/2 way between the bends when its checked hot.

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    Thanks for the reply guys and I will check the oil level. My concern is the low RPM as it is just the same as stock and with all the mods fitted I would of hoped it would rise above stock.

    Other people who have fitted the stage 2 seem to be getting much better results. I have spent over £2000 and the ski is performing like it is still stock.

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    My mods are a solas impeller and a riva air filter kit with a vtech 8375 201 normal tune. On a cool day air temp about 74 I run 71 MPH at 8000 RPMs. On a warmer day air temp 85 I run 69 RPMs 7840. Air temp seems to make a huge difference for me. Also taking my engine cover off made a 40 RPM difference in back to back runs of about 1 MPH. I have the IS 260 model, so they are very similar in weight power etc. I am not sure what is in the stage 2 kit, but I assume ther eis an impeller the same air kit I have as well as the intake grate and the resonator removal from the intake mod plus the Athena ECU. If that is the normal temp for your riding I would get your impeller pitched. It is my understanding that the additional RPMs will give you more boost giving you more power and additional speed. I would bet on a cool day like I have ridden in you would be closer to 8000 and 71 -72 Mph, but that is just a guess

    Just to leach on a thread, my tach goes in 20 RPM incriments. Is there something I need to change to get it more accurate I notice everyone else reports their RPMs like 7850 etc. Mine jumps from 7820 to 7840 7860 etc. I thought my 06 did the same thing...

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    stevea99 - I responded to your post on our Athena Forum. If you would provide your information there we can begin helping you troubleshoot your set up and get you up and running. Thanks!

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    That's pretty cool of Riva crew!!!

    Nice to get support when needed!!!

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