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    Advice on purchasing 2000 Sea Doo LRV

    I am looking to purchase a 2000 Sea Doo LRV for $1500 including trailer. The upholstery definitely needs some work which is fine with me. Looks like there are some kits out there that I can purchase to do myself. But my main concern is the engine. The owner says it runs fine and will let me take it out on the water tomorrow. He said he has taken it out twice in the last 3 years and runs water through it twice a month. What are some things I should look for to make sure I am making a good purchase? Is there any good mechanics in the Jacksonville, FL area that could look at it for me as well? What would be the worst case scenario regarding costs I have to put into this thing to get into great shape?

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    Welcome aboard the Hulk.
    Compression test it.
    Look under the ski and into the tunnel under the ski.
    Look at the impeller.
    Ask a lot of questions.
    When was the last service.
    Do you have receipts for repairs?
    How old is the battery?
    Is it premix?
    If its not premix when were the oil lines changed last?
    Has it ever leaked or been sank?

    Ride it hard when testing it.
    Ride for 15+ min.
    If an issue is being hidden it will usually POP up when you ride for 15-20 min, ride it hard...

    How old is the gas?
    Check in the hull prior to riding and after riding.
    See if anything is leaking.

    Compression test it and the #s should be very close to each other.
    You can get a compression tester at any auto parts store..

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    When you first start it, make sure the engine is cold. If it is difficult to start, then you may have motor issues, such as bad compression. If the motor is hot by the time you get to it, I would be very careful.

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    Thanks for the advice. The owner is only asking $1500 b/c of upholstery issues. Unfortunately, he took it out before I got there but engine had cold down quite a bit when I turned it on.

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    Did u get it??
    That's a pretty good deal for a monster boat like that.

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    I am picking it up next weekend. I figured it is a good enough deal that if there are issues I don't see, it is still worth it.

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