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    HELP 97 XP front coupler removal

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum. Found many answers to various questions without signing up but I've searched and couldn't find my answer to this one. I have to fix my wife's 97 sea doo xp. She must have hit something because the shoe is broken where intake grate mounts and all four couplers exploded into many many pieces. My question for the guru's is how do I remove front coupler coming from the engine? I've talked to two local shops and one said it threaded on and one said its pressed on. WTF!! I don't wanna start cranking counterclockwise or pulling with a puller and destroy the motor. Any help would b really appreciated. Thanks

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    Its threaded. You can use rope in the PTO cylinder and a chain wrench to remove it. Google search for seadoo manuals. Its free.

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    Great, thank you for the reply I will get started in the morning

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