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    2000 gsx running wierd

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to the site. This is also my first jetski. I am a fourwheeler man and I am good with small motors. So the other day I dropped my ski in the water and it started up but did not want to go anywhere. I was confused because I test rode it before I bought it and it ran great with 77 hours on it. after about 5 mins it went good then I brought it back because it was starting to get dark and the high temp light came on and so didnt the 12v low. The guy that I got it from said he had the 12v low before. The next morning I went out and reached under and cleaned out the cooling system (full of weeds). After that it did not want to start up like there was a dead battery. So, I charged the battery with my boat and it still did not start so this time I left the cables on as I started it and it started right up. I jumped on and It would start okay but once I hit about half throttle it would run funny and would not go faster then 30 and was rocky. When I got back I shut it off and when I went to go turn it on just to see if it would turn over, It said hi-temp and still said 12v low. So I just parked the thing. After doing some research, I ordered a new rectifier because that sounded like the problem but im not too sure why the high temp would kick on. water was coming out of the black hole out the back when I was going so I know that the cooling was not blocked. I Live a half an hour from my lake house and the rectifier has not came in yet so Im waiting to go up with that when it comes in tomorrow. Another thing is the guy who I got it from said the battery is a newer battery. From what Ive read, the rectifier drains the battery? I was planning on getting new plugs also but I have not checked those out yet. I probably will when I go up tomorrow.

    My questions are, Do you think it was smart to buy a new rectifier? does the rectifier effect on the hi temp? and do you think there is anything else wrong other then the rectifier? Looking for anyones Input!

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    bump.... anyone?

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    Is this a RFI ski? If so yes the charging system will cause running issues. It is common for these rec/reg's to go bad. Still need to check charging at battery terminals once running again. Have ever seen charging issue cause temp sensor issues. If you did get pump full of weeds, that's why it was overheating. Would recommend new battery with new Rec/reg since you live so far away from lake house. Seadoo's have to have good battery bolted in to start, jumping one with low or dead battery never works. And you take chance of frying expensive parts jumping one.

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    I did have weeds in it, then I got it out, ran the ski with water coming out of the hole (so cooling worked) and it was running crappy with the 12v low on and I shut it off and when I went to turn it back on, it said hi-temp. Im going to change the plugs, battery and the rectifier just came in today so ill be heading up their soon. Anything else I should be looking for?

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