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    Kawasaki 15f Idling at 3000rpm HELP??

    Hi Guy's,

    I'm new to this site and hope someone can help me please?

    I have a Kawasaki STX 15f and it has just been rebuilt, It starts straight up but as soon as you give it a little rev then its locks onto 3000rpm and wont change.

    The accelerator cable is disconnected, The airbox off, New Map sensor,Intake and exhaust sensors,Replaced T/B and new Idle controller, The timing is spot on.

    And the smart steer is unplugged.

    Can anyone help me here, Maybe i missed something?

    Regards Chris

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    Iac valve

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    Its the smart steering sensor if I were guessing.

    Sorry I didnt read, yes it sounds like the idle motor is acting up again.

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    need to put slack in throttle cable

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    start the ski

    with no inlet tube on the TBody

    look to see if there is a gap around the outside of the throttle disc, ( inside t/body )

    if no gap , at 12oclock on the inlet side of the TB there are some hole , stick your finger over them if ski rpm reduce , its your IDLE SPEED CONTROL motor ontop of TBody ( IAC , about $174 )

    report back


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