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    Unhappy 2005 sportster Wire disconected


    Came off the water today after having my boat for a month and when I open the engine bay to dry it out I had a wire that is disconnected. The boat seem to run fine with no loss of any function that I could tell. Its a pretty long wire and I can't seem to find where it was plugged in. It has a connector on the end that is connected to a light blue plastic stick that is about an Inch long. It looks like some type of temp sensor. I have the Supercharged 2005 Seadoo Sportster.

    Just seems very weird and I'm unsure of how long it has been disconnected. Any one have any info on this? This is my first seadoo boat after having a GTS and a few Sea ray I/Os.


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    that's the exhaust pipe sensor. it was melted by running the engine without it being on the hose or in the water/ It attaches to the J pipe that comes off the rear of the engine.

    suggested to fix it asap, as if your water inlet at the pump gets blocked, you can melt down the entire exhaust system and sink your boat in a few minutes.

    Whiel the engine uses coolant..the exhaust system uses lake water to cool it.

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