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    If your tachometer doesn't work read this!!

    So after a lot of reading and Google searches on what could be wrong with my tachs , I found almost @ a replacement cost of almost $800- for both I figured I had nothing to lose by trying to fix them.
    , so this is what I did....

    1-Check your gauge fuse first(all my gauges except for both tachs were working and fuses were fine)

    2-Verify you have power to the TACHS w/a test light... if so move to step 3.

    3-Remove the tach and begin the careful process of removing the bezel...I had to keep prying all the way around it several will come off just take your time!!

    4- Once the bezel is off you'll see the tach needle.... this is where the problem is....its stuck and you'll need to keep moving it until it moves freely. I also added a small amount of WD40 to the needle shaft for the future.

    5- Carefully re-install the bezel and Rtv the edge...I have not sealed this yet but will definitely do this.

    6- Re-install and repeat for tach 2.

    7- Go and enjoy summer is too short!!!

    I hope this helps as I'm the type who likes and needs all my gauges working properly. Good Luck!


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    My tachs are working fine for now but that's good to know if I experience the stuck tach issues.

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    I should probably add that I have a Speedster 200.....but kinda ironic that my 03' Speedster's tach was stuck also....I was able to get a little rough with it and bang the case of the tach on that one to free it.

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