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    Problems with Keihin carb - accelerator pump is not actually pumping fuel

    My accelerator pump is not working for some reason. When I hit the throttle hard while looking down the barrel of the carb I can see that the accelerator pump is not putting out any fuel like it should in order to help the engine respond to the increased throttle position.

    Is there a way to fix the accelorator pump? I opened it up the diaphram looks like its fine, and the spring seems to work well with pushing it back down after throttle cam pushes on diaphram push rod through the case.

    I put carb cleaner down the passages and nothing seems to have blocked them off.
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    Sometimes the accelerator pump needs to be primed.

    While the engine is running, use a small flat screwdriver to fully depress the pump plunger. Do this a couple of times.

    You should see the fuel squirting into the carbs when it is fully primed.

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    Thanks that worked perfectly! But now it seems like its bogging down a bit should I turn my idle screw a bit in to compensate?

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    bogging on take off? you have a low speed screw factory is 1.75 turns out from seated , I believe

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    what year ski?

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    1 1/4 is factory
    03 polaris freedom 701 cc

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