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    1998 zxi1100 TOP SPEED 10 mph top speed

    Thx for the help......first off the ski has been sitting for 7 years. I pumped out 90 % of the fuel and filled it with premium. Then the carbs were removed and had a shop clean/inspect them. I took it out yesterday and it got up to 45....then started missing.....back to the marina, new set of ran worse, now it would not even get on plane. What could it be....? When I throttle it it bogs.
    The first set of plugs were black. I just checked the new plugs and they are clean.
    Fuel pump?
    What are some basic tests I can perform?

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    Compression was checked previous 120 on all cylinders, same as it was when I bought it 8 years ago......

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    My ski did 60 mph, prior to sitting in the garage....

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    May have sucked some crap off the bottom of the tank. Will need to take the carbs apart again.

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    The oil tank was never changed, do you think the 2 stroke oil needs to be changed? I didnt think so....Also the fuel filter is clean as ever. I think it maybe something else? First ride it got up to 45 mph...

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    Untreated gasoline turns to garbage when left to sit in the carbs for 7 years. Start there.

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    carbs were removed, cleaned by a shop, installed with new plugs were installed.....

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    There is new gas in the tank..premium....I called and talked to the mechanic and he seems to think it is the speed modulator. This is the same mechanic that cleaned the carbs out when I brought him the cv units...Any ideas on how to test the speed modulator? Thanks!!

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    Come on Steve45...what you got ?

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    Speed Modulator???? What the hell is that? I think your 'mechanic' just made that up to get you off the phone. He might as well said it was the muffler bearings, or the knuter valve.

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