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    LRV 951 Siezure on water (with video of it) questions

    Question on the accelerator pump for the 951 motor...specifically on the Seadoo LRV.
    leading up to the accelerator pump there is a somewhat thin line that goes from the carbs to the accelerator pump (or vice versa). Inside this tube is a jet. This is the ONLY thing that I didn't clean out when I did my carbs.
    Here is a quick background on the ski and the symptom that I was left with.
    Purchased ski a couple months ago from a guy who may not have had it running in years. No way to tell how long it has been since it has been run but by the looks of the fuel cock, the gray fuel lines, carb filter baskets etc...I would say it has been a year or 2 minimum.
    So, I put in new fuel lines and filters, cleaned out re-usable filters, rebuilt carbs and pressure tested them (no leaks). The ski is NOT on pre-mix.
    After priming the carbs the ski fired right up and idled just fine. Low speed passes were going very well for the 5 to 10 minutes I plunked around on it. It sounded clean, ran smooth and was nice and quiet compared to the Yamaha 1200 non-pvs I'm used to.
    I decided to get greedy since a storm was moving in and I hit it with a high speed run with no difficulty. Then I decided to do one more high speed run while videoing it so I could sell it and here is what happened: (video on youtube of the run-up)

    It flat died out on me. No bogging down, no hesitation...just died.
    I immediately tried to start it and it did sound like there was a siezure. It would click one time like the starter was trying hard to turn the bendix but it would not so I swam it in to shore, trailered it and about an hour after the incident I started it with no trouble in the driveway just to see if it would start. I quickly turned it off and did a compression check the next morning. Video:
    Although I cleaned out my carbs on my 951, checked the accelerator pump and it looked exceptionally clean but I did nothing with this little in-line jet (part # 83 on page C-6 here:
    The question is: Could it be possible that the little jet in that line would let enough fuel through to do all of this warm-up...and then let me get up to speed like that (50) and then suddenly just quit dead or would a clogged jet bog a bit before doing so?
    I have had 2 motor siezures before and know that this is very similar or likely the same since it started in the driveway after cooling down. It probably would have started a minute later after cooling if I would have tried but I wanted to do a compression check before torturing it in case it was a cylinder sieze. The compression check is actually a bit better across the 2 than it was originally when I bought the ski. I'm sure that was attributed to the motor having oil in the pistons after this test run. Although 119 is a bit low for the is still in the tollerable range. Since that didn't change to the negative after this siezure I am wondering what else I can check first that could cause this temporary lock-up? Yes...then I will pull the head and look

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    Well written!

    I have a DI and no experience with the carb type. You sure a lucky with the seizure, what oil do you run? I wasnt so lucky!

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    The accelerator pump only squirts a shot of fuel when you goose the throttle. It does nothing when holding wide open. Did you thouroughly clean the carbs including the microfilters?

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    Not sure on the oil. the previous owner had a full tank of oil. it is possible the oil lines were restricted and were not delivering enough to the carbs?

    as far as the carb cleaning, yes. I do a LOT of Mikuni 44 carbs for myself and other buddies with yamaha SUVs and know exactly what ulyou are thinking but they were spotless and all of the fuel related lines, pulse lines and fuel filters were changed. fuel cock was cleaned out as well and flowed freely.

    I just sold it to a guy who seems to know what is wrong with it so I'll try to fill in the blank after his tech gets it running.

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