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    93 SP starting issue

    Hi, I recently picked up a 1993 SP and did a carburetor rebuild on it and charged up the battery and replaced the broken oil pump lines. The issue now is with starting it, I never had it running before due to broken oil injection lines and gummed up carb. When I attempt to start it, it starts and runs great.....until you let go of the starter button. If you hold the starter button, you can even rev it and let it idle, everything is great, but it dies as soon as you let go of it. I am thinking ground or voltage supply issue to the ignition coil? I did have to put a starter solenoid in it as it was completely missing when I got it. I used the electrical diagram in a shop manual I downloaded from this forum somewhere, but thinking it might've been wrong somewhere. Any thoughts?

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    If there is a small power wire for the electronic system going to the solenoid, make sure it's on the battery side and not the starter side. Also check the wiring from the stator to the cdi in the grey box. And the ground wire on front by the stator wire connector.

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