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    Need Help! Fell off ski comming out of a turn and cant figure out the bad recipe

    Fell off the ski after coming out of a turn (I wasn't in a turn turning but was more like straightening up after the turn) as if the ski hooked on something while coming out of the turn and was thrown off (sideways) from the ski.

    After installing the mods I noticed the ski lost traction after having the intake grate replaced from stock to the R&D grate which sort of hangs from the bottom as is not flushed with the body. As reported earlier that it pulls to the right (or left?) I don't have that issue the ski stays straight on the water.

    Was it me that possibly miscalculated the turn vs the wave I created previously?

    Would anyone recommend I have the stock sponsons replaced and/or have the intake grate machined?

    I was riding on shallow sea water when it happened.

    Don't want to be turned off from just falling but would like to know and have a better understanding on what I can do to make sure my equipments operating properly.

    Inputs appreciated

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    I kinda did same thing yesterday. I was out ducking around and was throwing skis around and turned right very hard while dragging a knee and the ski broke loose and spun around. Scared me because front of ski was under water and I didn't want water on top of my ski since I run a RIVa air. I goosed it and was able to power through it. It's normal but I'm running RIVa sponsons also that make it on rails

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    Drop your sponsons and get ready to shred your lats trying to hold on.

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    Usually each and every race someone hooks and gets to go for a swim, either going into a turn or coming out of a turn,
    Some racers that use the stock sponsons lower them by 20mm, then they really hook in the corners,
    I have been playing with different sponson sizes for buoy racing, some hook to much and some you just slide out, it is all about riding style,
    Try leaning in on a sharp turn -back off throttle for a second -then nail it coming out straight and see really how sharp these skis can turn,
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