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    Angry Cannot get enough fuel

    I added a Rossier pipe, pro K flame arrestors, and a lightweight flywheel to my 96 XP. I cannot seem to get enough fuel on the top end. My fuel lines are new and the carb filters are clean. I am running 70 low and 152.5 high jets (stock is 142.5) in the carbs with a 1.8 needle and seat with 80 gram springs with the high speed adjusters 3 turns out. I added a Mikuni high volume pump yesterday and I have tried bypassing the selector switch and fuel filter to see if they were the issue but i don't see any difference. I am wondering if the lightweight flywheel is causing a leak around the crank seal giving me a weak pulse to the fuel pump. Any ideas? I am stumped.

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    70's for the lows sound too small to me. The pop off also seems too high. I would try atleast 75 piolets and 2.0's w/ 65 gram springs.

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    pop off is at 19 right now and is pig rich just off idle and it will bogg unless you run full throttle. If you let off and try to play at half throttle it will fall on its face. Even with the 152.5 highs and the high speed screws out 3 turns i can barely . It might hit 6500-6700max rpm but it will fall off to about 6300 and not climb back up. I have tried a 2.0 with the 95 gram springs and was reading 16 psi. I have run it that way with the get a plugs to a very light tan color72.5 low and 75 low speed jets and 145 to 152.5 highs speed jets, and all i get is a ski that will only idle and only run wide open. . A 2.0 with a 115 gram spring gives me 24 psi. It seems to like the 2.0 with a 115 gram spring and a 72.5 low but no matter how large a high speed jet the plugs are almost white and my max rpm is only 6500. This is why I just put the mikuni dual outlet pump in to see if the factory one wasn't working well. I have seen one act this way when the o-ring on the fuel filter was missing or leaky so I even tried bypassing it and the selector switch for a few passes but it did not improve.

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