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    Question 03 GTX Supercharged- Mechanical or Electric?

    Had SC rebuild at 110 hrs. Now has 177 hrs. Was running at full speed when engine stalled. On restart, ran for 15 seconds, hardly any power, then stalled. Starter won't crank engine now. No codes. Should I have dealer check out electric/electronics first, or just start tearing apart engine? Appreciate input.

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    did you check the prop /intake
    a rope could cause the same problem
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    Check the impeller area for something caught in there.
    Also when you had the s/c rebuilt was it a complete rebuild??
    Washers and bearings?
    If you didn't have the bearings changed it could be a bearing failure in your s/c.

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    Checked intake. Nothing caught in there. I'm in Michigan. Learned of Riva, and they did the rebuild for me in 09 using part no. 420881949 which, I believe, is the assembly from Bombardier. I'm just trying to avoid a teardown only to later learn I have non-mechanical problem, but I think I'm just going to start the teardown.

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    Could be a broken timing chain. Pull the rocker cover.

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    Thanks for all your input. Will start a teardown this week. Will post what I find. In the meantime, any good seadoo 4-tec mechanics in Michigan? Won't take anything to the local dealer. Every time I've had some machine in there, I've discovered a screwup on that machine. That's why I try to do as much as I can myself.

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    Did some teardown today. SC is OK. Pulled spark plugs and tried cranking. Only got a little rotation - maybe 1/4 to 1/2 turn. Shop manual indicates engine could be seized, or jet pump could be seized. Don't know what to do from here. Maybe just sell for parts or to someone who wants a project.

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    Pull the jetpump first then crank the engine. You will know if its the pump as soon as you take it off. It is only a 10 minute job.

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    If he pulls the jet pump and the shaft, all the oil will drain out. If you leave the shaft it, pull the plug wires so it doesnt start when you bump it over.

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    Thanks for both your input.
    Will pull pump tomorrow.

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