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    The Great water conditions Debate

    This was started in the Kawi section... Seems to be a lack of "PROOF" of claimed ROUGH water riding. If you have any personal video's of your riding areas or Races you've competed in, post 'em.. The OP wants to see the meaning of rough vs medium, etc.. in the eye's of others..

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    A few years back, July 4th weekend on Possum Kingdom, the swells were large enough to make me and my rxp nearly disappear, only my head showing as I idled. You could not keep any speed through it, and it became a game of doubling waves like on an mx track. I landed and punched a hole through one, sending a wall over water over the nose, stretching my arms and knocking my head back. My nose scooped and sent water to my brain... lol A 96xp tried to go across them and cartwheeled, the tail coming over as the nose caught. It was baaaad, but he was ok.

    My definition of 'rough', while sitting:
    'Normal rough" is riding along at 50mph and coming unhooked over and over again.
    'Rough' is riding along at 40mph and coming unhooked again and again.

    While standing:
    If you can't maintain 60+mph, it's freakin' rough (to me).

    I have not problems riding nasty stuff, but it's not fun when my pump spends more time filled with air rather than water.

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