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    Arrow How do I actually test a Ficht EMM?

    Welcome First Timer

    Quote Originally Posted by GENESISi
    First timer, question I have not seen answered.

    How do you test the FICHT EMM on a 2003 Genesis i?

    I have read the post on how to pull the service codes but nothing specifically to test the EMM and the injectors.

    I brought my ski into a local shop that unfortunately does not have the software to diagnose, nobody seems to in the state of Florida. They said they ran a bunch of tests, including compression, fuel pressure, voltage, and the TPS. Said everything checked out good. I am skeptical as to if they did perform all the checks they claimed.

    I was told everything points to a failed EMM but they can't be sure, don't want to be a parts changer chasing the problem.

    The ski starts right up and runs fine, with a slight sputter at idle, it revs up with no hesitation and runs fine for a few minutes and then shuts off. It wont start again until things have cooled down, about an hour.

    It will turnover and then backfire after multiple attempts after it shuts down.

    I have put in new plugs, twice. I took the EMM out of the ski, opened it up and looked for any obvious signs of overheating, did not see or smell anything.

    Before shipping out to DFI, would like to run some kind of test here at home.

    The ski is great shape, only 50 hours on it and I am the original owner, always garaged. Used in salt water for half the time.

    Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    There really is no 'bench test' for these EMM. There are a few people and shops with that capability, but nothing a typical owner or general watercraft repair shop can do.

    The practical approach is to test the things around the EMM, that feed it signals and power. Sensors, voltages, connector corrosion, loose or damaged wires, that sort of thing.

    A few items take some effort to inspect, like the flywheel magnets and the stator.

    If all that checks out, then the EMM itself becomes the prime suspect (if it wasn't already).

    I can say that backfiring on a Ficht engine is almost always an indictment of the EMM.

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    metal on the cps will also cause backfiring.if there is metal stuck on it you have to find out what the cause is.

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    besides the obvious, I'd be casting an evil eye upon three sparking plugs. Replacing twice..why do I think you are not using OEM plugs?..well they are really pricey bits to be throwing into the bottom drawer of your toolbox.

    Thermal failures are easy to diagnose and common. If the emm is getting enough water and the battery charging voltage is OK, I'd shoot the emm off for a repair.

    Backfiring has always been an emm issue..and if it is allowed to go on, possibly an exhaust resonator failure is in play also.

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