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    Verifying Ceramic or Metal Washers

    I just yanked my SC for the first time, and took a photo. I've never yanked it before, but I don't know if my dealer has in the past. How do I verify that I have the ceramic washers before sending this off to Jerry?


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    Isn't it going for a rebuild either way? Jerry will know.

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    Only 23 hours on this SC, so wasn't going to do full rebuild - was just putting metal washers on, then putting this SC on the shelf (I've got an X-charger going in). But wanted to make sure I didn't unnecessarily send to Jerry... waste postage... and Jerry's time.

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    Just hit it with a flashlight. Saw green hue. Sending to Jerry.

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    Ceramics....If there was an Otiker clamp on the discharge hose, then its never been out....I would check BOTH skis...

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    They are ceramics for sure.

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    Doo a full rebuild. Washers and bearings..
    It's a little spent now to save you big in the future.
    A bearing failure can easily do 2k+ in damages.

    Ive seen ceramic washers fail at 10 original hours.
    Yank them both for full rebuilds..

    Jerry has said to rebuild every 2 years no matter how many hours..
    I believe he knows what's good..

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    Yep. Both superchargers are now removed and in boxes. Flashlight test confirmed both have ceramics. I winterized early this year just so I could yank them.

    A few questions:

    1) What size screw-down clamps should I use using to replace the Otikers I mangled on removal?

    2) What's the best way to check slip?

    3) If I'm just going to replace the washers, how easy is it to replace them myself? After removing everything, it doesn't look that hard, or is it deceptively so? From reading it seems I need some sort of special tool. But I like excuses to buy new tools. I bought a heat gun just so I could go the thermostat upgrade.

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    screw clamps are for water you want T-bolt clamps for boost hoses and are 2.5 inch

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    With your obvious knowledge of machines I bet you could doo them yourself.
    All the tools are in the hulk store( I think).

    Just order the complete s/c kits.
    Bearings & washers.
    Your going to need the tools to check the slip on the clutches any way...

    That's your reason for needing the tools...

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