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    RXP runs rough after jumps

    04 RXP in signature sounds and feels like it's running out of fuel only after two or three quick succesive wave jumps or after bunny hopping with the trim up. It feels like its running out of fuel and is about to stall then after about 3 to 4 seconds it cleans up and runs normal until more jumps or bunny hops. When it did this today the fuel tank was 3/4 full so I don't think it's a fuel pickup issue because of low fuel level. Machine runs great otherwise we did a 75 mile ride today in mixed conditions and it cruises along nicely.

    Is this normal or is there a problem somewhere ? If so where do I start looking, fuel pump, fuel pickup, pressure regulator ? I tried a search and could not find anything relevant.

    If anyone has had a similar problem let me know what you found.


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    That's not normal.

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    if you slosh all of the fuel out of your surge tank then yes it could run out of fuel
    also if your pick-up filter is dirty it will take longer for the surge tank to fill up
    have you ever serviced your fuel pump? 10 years is a long time
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    I had something similar, tops valve with the ball bearing thing was playing up.. after awhile it jammed and dipstick kept popping up and spewing oil from it. Machine ran fine once i changed it.

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