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    Should I pick up this 1996 Superjet?

    So I'm getting the itch to get a SuperJet, and the guy I bought my GP1200r last spring happens to still have a Superjet from then. It is still in his basement untouched all summer. The story goes - it is not his. It's a friend of his who needed a place to store it. Registration is expired but paperwork from the real owner shouldnt be a problem. Not sure if registration is a big deal to get re-newed and restarted in Georgia. not sure how/good of a deal this is, but here goes:

    1. Is a 1996 Yamaha SJ 701 dual carb
    2. Has a bunch of mods - Shaved flywheel, ADA Head, Bildge, Blosion hood... Thats the begining of the list. i honestly didnt catch everything that it might have and all. I'll presume it has a LOT more going on atm.
    3. Its totally white in color. i think someone may have removed all the decals? In any case the hull needs some re-finishing. Not sure if it needs/has pads.
    4. When I bought my GPR, I looked at this SJ for a few minutes. The outside looks kinda dull, but the hull inside looks crazy clean like a classic-rebuilt ski. Theres a LOT of aftermarket in this ski. It kinda like fast and Furious I when they first opened the hood on the wrecked Toyota and found a 'JZ' engine - kinda.
    5. Owner says needs nothing. Even the battery is good. Starts right up. Says the ski is very very fast.

    So, Thats about all I know. I do know, that the 96+ SJ units here in Georgia are hard to find a still go for a bit. This current asking price for this unit is $1700 obo and comes with a small ski trailer. The owner is willing to move so the price may get better. Other units for sale go for more $$ of this year.

    Should I go for this or something else?
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    Pics attached
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    Check the compression. If it's OK, then go for it. Thats a good price for an SJ with all those goodies.

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    Go for it. Great price for a rn superjet

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    Go for it
    LOL ok. I've got a compression gauge and will check.

    Under the last photo of the engine hull I posted - What modifications do you think it has?

    I see heads, flame aresters, and exhaust - right? Theres something else also on top of the fuel tank. Anything else look modified here?
    I have no clue if/what anything has been done to the pump or under-hull. What should I expect or go for in terms of a matching prop to match these engine modifications?

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    if i'm not mistaken, that looks like a factory pipe exhaust which is very expensive and adds a ton of hp. (dont take my word, lots of pipes look similar). its definitely got a head, cant read what brand. those aren't stock air filters/flame arrestors which from my experience usually means they probably did aftermarket carbs and intake manifolds. Mikuni is a big brand for carbs, some superjets come with them but people usually get a bigger size. there could be more but thats what i'm guessing from the top view.

    as for the outside, the footholds are a nice touch, they actually help alot. thats an extended ride plate. it looks like straight or 4 degree bars, and that looks like a billet finger throttle.

    dont take my word, whoever built the ski would know it best. talk to the seller

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    Wow ok. I'll have to ask some more questions about it then. Sounds like a stealing deal if the motor is still ok. Does 50mph sound right? It's what the owners friend told me.

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    Wow I just loked up that Factory Pipe exhaust. I better nab this thing. Now I gotta convince the wife we can afford it

    If this motor was built with good parts and attention to detail - I wonder what it could be 'worth'?

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    Odi grips, umi throttle, factory b-pipe, i believe the fuek cap was removed and moved on top of the tank, i think i see carbon fiber reinforcement on side of pipe, unsure about rideplate, prop might be aftermarket, exhaust was relocated.

    That superjet is a steal at 1700 obo, anything lower then that is just ridiculous. Try 1400

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    He'll offer him a grand and see what he says. I'm guessing his bottom line is around 1500

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