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    Deka ETX30LA vs. PowerSonic PIX30CLBS-FS?

    I replaced the stock battery in one of my boats last year with a PowerSonic PIX30CLBS-FS. Fits perfectly with no need for adapters, is AGM, and performed flawlessly all summer.

    My other boat still has the stock battery, which after only 2 years (and always on a smart charger over the winter), is cranking slow and giving the 12V warning. Sigh.

    So I'm considering another PowerSonic, but I see that the Deka ETX30LA enjoys a good reputation among many in this crowd. The PowerSonic is rated @ 28AH and 320 CCA, while the Deka is rated @ 26AH and 400 CCA.

    I am leaning toward the Deka for the extra CCA, unless anyone has any other recommendations I may be overlooking?

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    I just put the Deka aka BigCrank in April. No problems this season, can't beat the price for $100.

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    Wondering if it's worth waiting until the spring to buy a younger one, or if I should grab one now and just keep it on the tender on a shelf in the garage.

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    Go DEKA ... Been using them for over 10 years ...

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    Everyone loves Deka but my experience with them is sour...went through two of them in two different skis last 2 seasons..never again and those ppl that have batteries Plus around stay away from those too.

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