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    Ultra LX prop shaft nt

    My girlfriend LX stripped the splines on the prop shaft. I searched the forum for previous threads and could only come up with 15 F that appears to be similar.
    How much or how little is required to change the shaft? Is it engine out or lift the rear or lift both ends with the engine still in the hull?
    Do I need to take manifolds off to do this?
    I've got the pump out and the coupler on the impeller side half unscrewed.
    More of a Seadoo guy( please dont swear at me) so I've never really looked at Kawi.

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    I have never had to do an lx but you will have to at least remove the primary waterbox before lifting the engine. To remove the shaft you need to pull the motor up and forward at least enough to get the shaft out.


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    Thanks for your help.
    I'll have a go at it next week. Had a bit of a look at it this morning. obviously trying to undo as little as possible re hoses and things.
    I figure with the coupler removed I should only have to lift it up 4" to slide it out straight thru to the front.
    I'll let you know when I get it done.
    Had to buy second hand shaft in Illinois none in Australia.
    Spare a thought for the cost of owning watercraft over here. $A 660 for a new genuine Kawasaki shaft

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    lets hope your s/hand is ok then

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