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    slt780 bogging down

    My 97 slt780 is bogging down almost to a stall, up until about quarter throttle. From there to full, runs great. Having to "rap"on throttle to keep from stalling . Suggestions? Thks

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    whens the last time ur carbs been gone thru

    how old is ur fuel line ,

    spark plugs new and gapped right ?

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    go through the fuel system COMPLETELY...

    rebuild fuel pump, carbs, replace all lines, fuel select valve. Clean fuel filter. Check filler neck and cap for cracks.

    Stay away from fuel with ethanol. If you have it in your tank now, siphon it out before you run again with your new fuel system.

    We are seeing SO many failures do to ethanol. Carb diaphragms melted, etc.

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    Fuel without ethanol, could be a hard find. What about additives or higher octane?

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedy9913 View Post
    Fuel without ethanol, could be a hard find. What about additives or higher octane?
    Where are you located?

    Depending on where you are, there may be some refineries or gasoline retailers that refrain from putting ethanol into everything.

    In my region, some brands of gasoline do not put ethanol into the premium grade gasoline, typically 91 octane.

    One brand here has zero ethanol in their 91 octane, but the 94 octane from the same brand has 10% ethanol

    I had to actually telephone each brand and ask them how much ethanol was in the premium gasoline. The answer varied, sometimes it was 10% while a few said they only put ethanol in the base 87 octane.

    The retailer locations typically did not know anything useful, and the gasoline pumps typically had a label saying MAY contain up to 10% ethanol.

    I am unaware of any additive that prevents fuel system damage from ethanol. Even without phase separation and water absorption, ethanol just causes trouble in many marine fuel systems.

    This seems to be especially true for fuel systems designed and manufactured before ethanol became common, or before manufacturers fully understood what was required to have a fuel system survive long term with ethanol blended gasoline.

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