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    Parting out SLX 1050

    Everything good.
    Has a hot seat waterbox. Otherwise stock.

    Everything available at this moment.
    Pm or text
    203 747 4712

    Freshwater ski.

    Traitor xlt aluminum trailer also for sale for $300. Has paperwork

    Ski came from original owner.
    Have folder w tons of receipts

    Always winterized by a dealer

    Carbs serviced. Top end done.

    Summerizations done at dealer.

    Purchase receipt
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    Hull has paperwork also.
    The physical hull itself headed to the dump at the end of the week.
    Saving mirrors, seat, hood, and trim.

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    Pump not for sale till I get this little guy out.

    Miraculously nothing damaged in there. Rock just sitting in there. This is how I got it.

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    PM Sent

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    Grate looks aftermarket. No markings on it.

    RidePlate is extended more and looks completely different than the one on my other slx. Not sure if its aftermarket.
    Prob not. You guys will know better than me.

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    Trim motor pictured to left. Works but looks crispy inside.

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    Seat cover is perfect but latch is busted off.

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    So the hull is heading to the dump then you say the hull has paperwork? Selling vins without the hull is against the rules. Please clarify.
    Quote Originally Posted by caliburst View Post
    Hull has paperwork also.

    Hull itself headed to the dump.
    Saving mirrors, hood, and trim.

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