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    1999 1200 xl ltd Dies sometimes at idle and bogs sometimes but gets to wot

    I have a 1999 Yamaha 1200xl ltd.

    It will sometimes die at idle. Also it sometimes bogs down a little but will accelerate to WOT and get to 52 mph on its gauge.

    Could it be something other than the carbs? The carbs are buried under the exhaust in this model.

    Was wondering if I should replace the fuel filter or other items first. It has about 125 hours on it. I purchased it used a few months ago so I don't know the maintenance or lack of maintenance records.


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    You should do a little research on the engine in your ski. try to find out if it is the original or been replaced. there is a lot of post on here where others have had these same issues. if you are wanting to do the work your self try the needed maintenance for your ski.

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