Just in case you were wondering about the quality of this oil, remember your PWC will still float when the engine quits it's a different situation in flight!!

Shell Aviation Launches New Two-Cycle Oil

Shell Aviation announced the availability of AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 2 for two-cycle engines, such as the Rotax air-cooled and water-cooled engines, at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida. Itís a major development for ultralight operators who previously used Pennzoil for air-cooled two-cycle engines. Since Shell bought Pennzoil, the future and availability of the popular Pennzoil 2-Cycle Air-Cooled Engine Oil has been at question. Itís currently only available in 8-ounce bottles aimed at the chain saw and leaf blower market. You can find it online and at some retail stores. The formulation may have changed over time.
Lacking availability of our favorite Pennzoil, some operators have resorted to using Pennzoil Premium Outboard and Multipurpose Oil (not to be confused with Pennzoilís other purely marine oils). While itís rated for our type of two-cycle engines, and has given good service for some, it could lead to more carbon buildup or oil stains on the tail feathers. The price is low and it can be found at hardware and auto parts stores.
Before this new AeroShell product was released, the best two-cycle oil from Shell wasnít normally available in the USA. Microlight pilots in Europe, and the United Kingdom often use Shell Advance VSX-2 semisynthetic two-cycle motorcycle oil. The price is nearly twice of what weíve been paying for conventional oils in the United States, which may explain why itís not seen here.
The new AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 2 is approved by Rotax and brings several advantages in addition to performance, quality control, and reasonable price. Itís approved for use in unleaded and leaded fuels including 100LL. Lockwood Aviation has tested the oil on the same engine test rig as the earlier Pennzoil product. There is reason to believe it will eliminate the need to decarbon the engine between overhauls. Best of all, it can be mixed with other mineral and synthetic oils previously used. This feature could be important on long trips, as this specialized aviation oil is probably not going to be available at your nearby shopping mall. For more information, visit www.ShellAviationStore.com.