This is a reply from Tech Line Coatings concerning using these coating in high performance 2 strokes.

Comments: In process rebuilding Tigershark PWC (Jet Ski) the 639cc 2 cycle engine is seized. Likely the cylinders and pistons will need replacement too. Since 2 cycle engine operation differs from 4 cycle, do your internal engine coating work equally well with PWC liquid cooled 2 strokes?


Specifically the piston crown, skirt, piston underside?

Yes as combustion is comnbustion and the coating does not know if it is 2 stroke, 4 stroke, gas, diesel, rotary (OK no pistons) or air or water cooled.

Would coating head combustion chambers with resistant coating also work?


What would be the problem with coating both piston skirts and iron sleeve with friction reducing DFL coating?

Don't use DFL-1 on the bore or no ring seal. Use PKSX powder and improve the ring seal.

The exhaust manifold is unprotected sheet metal is use of TBC on exterior and interior practical?


What suggestions do you have for the needle bearing in the connecting rods since only the wrist pin is removable, the big end has no removable cap since the crankshaft is pressed together?

If you can coat the wrist pin. Use PKSX on the wrist pin. Coating of needle bearings can be done but it takes very expensive equipment.