Simple application, no engine disassembly required to reduce 2 cycle engines wear like piston scuffing. This is only for anti-friction no thermal coating on piston crowns or heads.


For applications like this I have seen people use Molykote M gear oil additive added to their oil one time only at ~64:1 oil volumes to help coat their engine internals. With a 4 cycle motor the concern is that the MolyDiSulfiude that do not coat the walls/pistons/internals particulates tend to stick together and plug oil filters as was proven when this was an actively pursued automotive market in the 1970's.

For a 2 cycle engine the risk would be lower, however caution should still be used. I would say a larger ratio like 128:1 [128 OIL/1 Mgear oil] the 1st time and see what happens. If nothing negative occurs, I would repeat. Typically you would only need to do this one time in a system since this MolyDiSulfide attached to the cylinder and piston walls and forms a bond. I wonder with 2 cycle engines with typically higher engine temps than a 4 cycle auto engine has if an additional re coating every season/every X hours would be useful.

To be clear this is neither endorsed or condoned officially by Dow Corning but I have seen it done successfully in cars and in my personal car and my 4stroke lawn & garden engines.